Chris Waggoner

Born and raised in Beverly, Massachusetts, I grew up with a love for photography that was instilled in me by my father and grandmother. 

I began my addiction to taking photos with an old German Praktica brand camera and a 50mm lens as well as my father's old Nikon. As soon as I landed my first job in high school at an Ice cream parlor, I began saving up for my first DSLR. I have owned a few cameras since then but I treat each one like my very own baby.

 I've been fortunate enough to travel around the world snapping photos of anything and everything.

Photography is more than a job for me. There's something about freezing a moment from my perspective and then being able to share it for all time. I studied acting at Nova Southeastern University for two years and at Penn State University for three years. I know what is needed for the headshot that will get you noticed in the best way possible and make bringing out your personality in every photo a priority.