They shouldn't be stressful.
Before the shoot, I like to establish a rapport with you so that when you eventually step in front of the camera we have a connection and can utilize that to get great shots, so a phone conversation or meeting in person before the shoot is essential. I'll coach you the whole time so we get your full potential into the image and get the best results.


This is where we meet up and talk about what you want out of your photos. What's your career path? Where are you headed? I want to get a sense of your personality so I can bring it out in the images and so you can convey yourself fully. It's all about confidence with approach-ability, and I'll assist you to bring out that essential part in every headshot.

No deposit is required for a consultation, just email or call me and we can set up a time to discuss our possible session.

The Session

When you come to my studio, bring at least 5 choices of outfits (the more the better) that you feel would best represent your personal brand to a casting director or interviewer. I'll shoot with a particular outfit until I feel that I got everything we need from it and will periodically have you switch to other looks.

Over the course of the session I will take around 200 shots and by the end of the session you will leave with about 40-60 images to look over on a proofing website. During the session I'll sit with you and go through the images we have shot so far and delete as we go. I shoot tethered and have the images pop up on my computer so we can review and make adjustments on the fly.

When shooting with me, you aren't limited to a studio session. If you would prefer to shoot on location I can accommodate that. Just let me know ahead of time or during the consultation and I will make the arrangements with the make up artist if they're needed.


Once you select the photos you like from the proofing website, I will retouch one image. After that I charge $50 per image retouched. The editing turnaround is approximately a week to two weeks after final image selection. You will the receive the images via email as an attachment or a link to a site where you can download them.